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If the young only knew;

If the old only could...

                    ~French Saying~



The following is an excerpt from The American Frugal Housewife, published in 1833 and written by Mrs. Child.  This is the second of her books that I’ve read and both left me laughing at what they didn’t know and amazed at what they did.  Enjoy!

RISE EARLY.  Eat simple food.  Take plenty of exercise.  Never fear a little fatigue.  Let not children be dressed in tight clothes; it is necessary their limbs and muscles should have full play, if you wish for either health or beauty.
            Avoid the necessity of a physician, if you can by careful attention to your diet.  Eat what best agrees with your system, and resolutely abstain from what hurts you, however well you may like it.  A few days’ abstinence and cold water for a beverage, has driven off many an approaching disease.
            If you find yourself really ill, send for a good physician.  Have nothing to do with quacks; and do not tamper with quack medicines.  You do not know what they are; and what security have you that they know what they are?
            Wear shoes that are large enough.  It not only produces corns, but makes the feet misshapen, to cramp them.
            Wash very often, and rub the skin thoroughly with a hard brush.
            Let those who love to be invalids drink strong green tea, eat pickles, preserves, and rich pastry.  As far as possible, eat and sleep at regular hours.
            Wash the eyes thoroughly in cold water every morning.  Do not read or sew at twilight, or by too dazzling a light.  If far-sighted, read with rather less light, and with the book somewhat nearer to the eye, than you desire.  If you are near sighted, read with a book as far off as possible.  Both these imperfections may be diminished in this way.
            Clean teeth in pure water two or three times a day; but, above all, be sure to have them clean before you go to bed.
            Have your bed-chamber well aired; and have fresh bed linen every week.  Never have the wind blowing directly upon you from open windows during the night.  It is not healthy to sleep in heated rooms.
            Let children have their bread and milk before they have been long up.  Cold water and a run in the fresh air before breakfast.
            Too frequent use of an ivory comb injures the hair.  Thorough combing, washing in suds, or N. D. rum, and thorough brushing, will keep it on order; and the washing does not injure the hair, as is generally supposed.  Keep children’s hair cut close until ten or twelve years old; it is better for health and the beauty of the hair.  No not sleep with hair frizzled, or braided.  Do not make children cross-eyed, by having hair hang about their foreheads, where they see it continually.



 "We should have nothing in our houses which we did not
  either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."
~William Morris~ The beauty of Life lecture, 1880

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